8 important reasons why you should let us clean Your home.

Save Time

You Have Better Things To Do With Your time.

We Do It Your Way.

No two households are exactly the same, even if...

We Are Thorough

Because we clean in teams.


Our staff is responsible, reliable, and insured.

Superior Equipment.

We use vastly superior equipment for better...

Safe Products

We use only safe, cleaning products...


We offer Flexible scheduling


We are a Great Value with an Affordable Price.


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Isn't Your time More Valuable?

Let us do your cleaning while you enjoy life!


"Time" is a commodity most busy people just don't seem to have enough of these days. For many upwardly mobile and dual income families today, the home we've worked so hard to obtain is a time-consuming chore to maintain.
Home Cleaning Company can give you more time to do these things you need to do and would rather be doing, instead of spending endless hours on mundane housework.

The Home Cleaning Company "A-Z" Home Cleaning System Includes:

General Cleaning

Dust, polish or wipe all furnishings, baseboards, window sills, shelves and ledges. Vacuum carpets and furniture. Vacuum - mop bare floors.


Clean sink, counter tops, outside of cupboards and drawer fronts, refrigerator, stove, other appliances and floor.


Clean and disinfect tub, showers, toilets and floor. We also clean and polish sinks, fixtures, vanities and mirrors.

Special Assignments

Ovens, refrigerators, patios, and decks. Change linens. Moving day cleanups, spring, and fall cleanings.